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by Amanda Emerson

Lipstick Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About

You don’t have to be a makeup genius to know that lipstick can make a big impact—taking your face from drab to dramatic or simple to sexy—in seconds. But these brilliant expert tips will show you how to make it look better, last longer and work harder. We hope that this article will help you enhance your look and mark out your lips as it is an important element of woman’s image.

First, it’s recommended that you gently exfoliate lips before applying color to make sure it goes on flawlessly, especially if you’re swiping on a dark or bold pigment that can accentuate every imperfection. “I love using a homemade scrub of sugar and honey to remove flakes and dryness,” says Dana Chasen Thomases, a makeup artist and owner of Beauty Muse Bridal.

If you want the exact color you see in the tube, you need to start with a blank canvas and not the pink one that’s created by your natural lip color. To create a blank canvas, apply a thin coat of foundation all over your lips and blend over your lip line so it disappears into the rest of your skin. Or apply a smidgen of lip balm on the lips, blot and add a neutral powder to create an impromptu base that can last even longer than foundation, says makeup artist Hillary Clark. You can make any lipstick go the distance by following the following steps. After applying a coat of lipstick, blot it with a single-ply tissue. Then use a large eye shadow brush to dust the lips with a small amount of translucent powder. Follow with another layer of lipstick. Finally blot and powder twice before applying a final swipe of lipstick.

Deep dark red can make thin lips look even skinnier. To maximize a scarlet smile, opt instead for a bright orange-red.

These are only some makeup tips that we are ready to share with you in this post. Our bloggers and fashion journalists are now working on new articles, which we hope will broaden your knowledge about modern makeup. Next article will include recommendations from widely known makeup artists on using liner and shadow, picking your everyday pink lipstick, and other interesting beauty hacks you need to know.

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